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Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT-1

Oct 5, 2016 | Technology | 0 comments

Love the guitar? Or maybe the violin or a piano? How cool would it be if you could play all that you like with just one piece of technology? Well, here’s great news for music addicts and lovers alike!

Introducing the revolutionising gadget, get your melodies tweaked by INSTRUMENT 1 by Artiphon, a gadget which is included in TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2015. Representing a new category of creative technology, the INSTRUMENT 1 is an adaptive, app-connected musical device that can be played in a variety of positions and make any sound imaginable. Patented multi-instrument technology transforms the INSTRUMENT 1 into a guitar, violin, bass, piano, or drum machine. The unique ergonomic design can be held in multiple positions and is ambidextrous. Be it strumming, tapping, bowing, sliding, or more, the digital string-like interface works with any MIDI-compatible software. Compatibility with on-board stereo speakers, headphones, external speakers, or an amplifier is what makes your music experience unique.

Man playing Artiphon

INSTRUMENT 1 is priced at  $399 which is reasonable considering the flexibility and  the joy it brings with it. The astonishing side of its financial achievement is that Artiphon’s Kickstarter campaign surpassed its initial funding goal of $75,000 in under six hours and went on to raise over $1.3M. It is the highest-raising crowdfund for any musical instrument worldwide, and ranks in the top technology campaigns on Kickstarter. Backed by over 3,000 early adopters in more than 70 countries, this success has fueled the final phases of product development and brought a new product category to life.

Picture of Artiphon

Artiphon (pronounced Ar-ti-fon) is reinventing the way people express themselves through music. The INSTRUMENT 1 is the first product in an expanding platform that includes hardware devices, mobile apps, software, and content. Combining musical traditions with emerging technologies, Artiphon is enabling greater freedom of expression through sound. Artiphon continues to expand its team with world-class expertise in music technology, engineering, and product design. With INSTRUMENT 1 at your disposal, what else do you crave for?